Footed Pajamas

Footed Pajamas are really comfortable. Here are some facts to consider:

There are 168 hours in a week. On average:

* 56 hours are spent sleeping
* 56 hours are spent awake in the house
* 56 hours are spent outside of the house.

Since roughly 2/3 of your life is spent inside the house, why not be as comfortable as possible? Pick up some Footed Pajamas for yourself and your family today!

Things to consider when you pick up your Footed Pajamas.

Drop seat
Drop seats used to be standard features in adult Footed Pajamas in the ‘old days’. Drop seat (also known as trap doors) make it much more convenient to answer when mother nature calls. You can use the bathroom without having to take off your pajamas, always a high risk proceedure. It is possible to buy Adult Footy Pajamas with drop seats. But offen adult footies come with snap fasteners rather than the old fashioned buttons.

Snap vs Button vs Zip
While Footed Pajamas for Kids usually snap in the front, some adult Footed Pajamas close with buttons and others close with a zip. The advantage of snaps is that you are less likely to injure a child than with a zip. For adults, the advantage of a zip is that the pajamas are less drafty. For example, Big Feet Footed Pajamas for adults are mostly button or snap, while Jumpen Jammerz feety pj’s for adults are mostly zip.

One or Two Piece
While most feety pj’s for adults are one piece, some such as Footzies come in two pieces.

No Slip Feet
Some adult footed pajama feet are made out of the same material as the rest of the pajamas. Some Feety Pajamas for adults have special no slip material on the bottom of the feet to give extra traction.

While rare, it is possible now to find Adult Footed Pajamas with hoods. Hoods complete the coverage and keep the head as well as the feet warm.

Drawstring cuffs
Very old Footed Pajamas sometimes had very long sleeves with drawstrings to cover the hands. This kept the hands warm and discouraged thumb sucking. Obviously this is not a common feature in Adult Footie Pajamas.

Flannel or Fleece
Often Footed Pajamas for adults are available in flannel or fleece. Which is better? It is a matter of taste. Flannel is usually cheaper, more absorbant, less likely to get stretched out but may wear out faster than fleece. Fleece usually feels nicer, holds up better to repeated washing, may lose its shape more easily and is more likely to pick up animal hair.

Polyester or Cotton
Fleece Footed Pajamas maybe be cotton or polyester. Polyester is better quality today than it used to be. Polyester is less likely to shrink and do not look as wrinkled after washing. Polyester lasts longer than cotton, while cotton is usually more absorbant and breathable.